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Chamilia collection features over 600 beads that you can combine in thousands of ways to put together your dream bracelet, necklace, and earrings.  A perfect way to express your feelings and your story!  Chamilia allows you to choose your beads by style, theme, color, or simply create your very own design that fits your “style”.  The Bling of Chamilia’s Swarovski beads are sure to put that special “sparkle” in any special event!

m BrBraacelets, Each detailed Chamilia design is made of Sterling Silver, 14kt Gold or a combination of both. Design your own original Chamilia Charm Bracelet at customize your Chamilia Charm bracelet, Chamilia necklace or Chamilia anklet. The versatility of Chamilia Charms makes it perfect for any occasion. Choose from a variety of 14kt gold and Sterling Silver beads, spacers and clips. Each Chamilia Charm screws onto the desired section.Create a Chamilia Charm bracelet, necklace or anklet with Chamilia beads, spacers and clips, starting with Chamilia necklace or Chamilia bracelet starter chains. Chamilia Charms jewelry is a perfect gift, and is compatible with Pandora, Pandora beads and Pandora Jewelry and Trollbeads, troll beads and troll jewelry

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