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Chamilia Inspiration

Inspiration behind Chamilia’s Spring “Secret Garden” Collection

May 1, 2014

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” The Secret Garden

Chamilia’s “Secret Garden” Collection was inspired by sweet woodland creatures, the serenity of the sea, and the love between a mother and a child. Throughout Chamilia’s new collection, you’ll see a lighthearted, feminine touches; from the gently swirling filigree motif out their new Alphabet Collection, and Filigree Mom Heart, to the signature rose in their Rose Flower of the Month, Rose Earrings, and Dozen Rose Mom bead.

There’s so much to delight in this season, and over the next few months ahead: The Secret Garden Collection, gifts for Mom, new Graduation beads, and charms, new Alphabet letters, new Bridal pieces and the Enchanted Sea Collection. Sweet silver jewels that are destined to become Chamilia classics for seasons to come.

In-stores Monday April 7. And, don’t forget to join us for an Exclusive, first time ever, Chamilia Secret Garden Trunk Show, Thursday and Friday, May 8th & 9th. Delight in 22,  never before seen Chamilia charms available on Friday only from Noon - 4pm.

Chamilia Inspiration Spring 2014

Inspiration Anywhere

You don't need to look very far for inspiration…

Inspiration is all around us, in the places we would least expect. Even prestigious designers use their surroundings and daily life to rouse creativity. Post Fashion Week, we read an article profiling the simple source of inspiration that gave life to an entire Fashion Week collection: dinner parties. The designer’s translation was shiny sequins and bold colors all over the runway. What really grabbed our attention about the story was the concept that something as common as a dinner party could provoke inspiration to such an established designer. If all it takes is a gathering with food and friends to inspire a whole runway collection, why can’t we get inspiration from our day to day lives?

We all get into ruts - with our wardrobe, with our accessories, with our food or music – habits are easy to fall into.  Have you ever looked into your closet just to realize you have eight variations of the same shirt? Sticking with what is comfortable feels safe and easy, but where’s the fun in that? Finding inspiration in something unexpected is the perfect way to revive your look this season.

The refreshing part is that you don’t have to be a celebrity or a fashion designer to recreate your look. No matter what your job title or lifestyle, unexpected events or objects can inspire a style evolution. This doesn’t mean you have to run out and buy a whole new wardrobe; it simply means finding the right pieces to add and pairing items in inventive ways to freshen up your look. At Chamilia, we thrive off of the ability to personalize your style based on what inspires you - it’s the basis of our business! 

Tell us here on Facebook- what unexpected place have you found inspiration for your own personal style? 

Polyvore Dinner Party



Giving Back In Fashion

Posted on Apr 19, 2012

Style follows the pattern of life experiences, translating differently from country to countrp,, city to city, and person to person. The clothes and accessories you choose allow you to express your uniqueness and today, more than ever, those choices can tell more of a story about you. We all have a cause that speaks to us. How great is it that today, we can show our support for that cause while showing off our own unique style?

It’s not a new concept for companies to partner with charities to raise money. But it has become increasingly fashionable for us to be proud to rock our style while we support our favorite cause. The popular charity (RED) and the Gap brand pioneered the way by creating an entire line of clothes and accessories with proceeds going to the charity.

Today we see various celebrities and brands supporting their favorite charities by designing and selling one-of-a kind accessories that support a cause through sales. After the Japan Earthquake Michael Kors released a limited edition handbag and donated 100% of its proceeds to the Japanese Red Cross Society. Katie Holmes was recently spotted carrying her FEED Nature Cotton Tote.

We at Chamilia are happy to take part in this trend with our Give Back beads which you can find on Your purchase of this collection of beads will support the causes you care about. We feature beads for Be The Match, breast cancer awareness, world peace, autism awareness and more.  

What causes are important to you? We would love to hear about how you are evolving your own personal style and how you show your support for your cause through your accessories. Visit our Facebook page here and tell us about your favorite cause.

April is Autism Awareness month and we have created a bracelet using our autism puzzle piece bead. You can try stacking bracelets for a fashion forward statement.  If you would like this bracelet or any part of it please feel free to order it directly from our website or contact us directly at 810-629-7936 to order by phone.



Spring/Summer 2012: The Season of the Necklace


The graceful lines of a woman’s neck have often taken center stage in fashion trends. Necklines change through different eras from dramatic and risqué to coy and beguiling, but the necklace has remained a staple in enhancing elegance and femininity.

It has been exciting for us at Chamilia HQ to see that on the Spring 2012 runways, soft and open necklines are once again definitely IN. We love that a necklace stays front and center, no matter what your day may bring, allowing that jewelry to be the focal point for your look.

Fittingly, the runway trends coincide with the warm weather of the spring season, welcoming a more daring décolletage. We think that the perfect accessory for this lower neckline is a breezy and effortless drop chain necklace. A flowing necklace like the drop chain captures, by nature, the refreshing ease of the spring season.

With the season’s returning warmth and more sun kissed skin tones, the sparkle of crystals on a necklace is the perfect compliment to sun kissed skin. Even more demure pastel fashions get a boost from a touch of bright sparkle.

We pulled a few sunny and sparkly beads from Chamilia’s latest collections to create a perfect spring look; pairing the season’s prettiest pastels with plenty of sterling silver and crystal Swarovski Elements.

The new Rose Quartz Cabochon Drop Chain Necklace from the Garden Party Collection adds a delicate, pretty accent to any look. Paired with crystal-encrusted beads and intricate silver designs, it will play off any spring neckline delightfully.


Amy's Style

Posted on Apr 05, 2012

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of spring? Whether it’s gardening, warm weather, butterflies, Easter, or Mother’s Day, chances are your spring thought will have the flavor of transition or renewal. We sat down with Amy, a young woman who is about to become a mother (just in time for Mother’s Day!) to talk to her about her style and how her Chamilia jewelry is a part of that, and how it might be changing as steps into motherhood.

In addition to using jewelry to accessorize, Amy collects beads to celebrate and remember the special moments in her life. She has the engagement ring bead to celebrate her marriage and a bead in a tropical design to remember her honeymoon. A more recent addition to her collection is a simple silver bead that says “Mother”. (“Coming Soon! “ Amy says with a smile.)

It’s important to Amy to have some sparkle and color in her jewelry as well. She comments that she can’t JUST have silver beads! Amy uses more fashion-forward pieces on her bracelet in addition to the more sentimental beads because being able to stay on-trend and stylish in her accessories is just as important as commemorating the moments. She tells us she’s excited to be a Mom, but not excited about the “Mom jeans”. 

While Amy reads the fashion magazines and pays attention to what’s happening on the runways, she also recognizes that day to day her style is more simple and straightforward. She likes having the piece that she can wear for more everyday looks, but can transition to a more formal piece by simply adding some more sparkly or edgy beads. The Garden Party collection beads incorporate well into her current jewelry, adding color and bling to her bracelets.

Watch Amys Video on becoming a mom and her love for Chamilia



Eat, Pray, Love

Get Julia's Style from Eat, Pray, Love. Want to embrace cultures of the world with your own personal style? Chamilia has created an Eat, Pray, Love inspired bracelet designed with decadent jeweled boxes of chocolate, glimmering glasses of wine accented with red and yellow jewels, love inspired beads and 14k gold spiritual embellishments such as Buddha to create an exquisite piece, transporting us to Italy, India and Bali.