Patina is the soft, warm glow that appears on the surface of well-used sterling silver. Even highly polished silver objects develop this deeper beauty over time, and it is one of the reasons that old silver is highly prized among connoisseurs. However, if a bright polish is preferred, a jeweler can restore silver to its original appearance.

Is it real? To be absolutely sure, look for a stamp reading “sterling silver” or the .925 mark, which indicates the percentage of pure silver in the piece. This should be accompanied by the maker’s name or registered trademark.

Silver for the home. This versatile metal, while perfect for jewelry, also conveys an impression of luxury and quality in tableware and hollow ware for beautiful tables, beautiful homes.

The Joy of Silver Jewelry
Collect sterling silver jewelry piece by piece or in matching suite with the objective of building a silver wardrobe that expresses your personality and enhances everything you wear.

Start with the basics – those "must-have" essentials that always feel right, no matter how often you wear them. Hoop and button earrings come in all sizes; choose what flatters your face. Bangle bracelets can be worn individually or halfway up your arm. Sterling silver chains, bold or delicate, accent any neckline; collect them in a variety of lengths and links.

Now explore the astonishing variety of sterling silver jewelry available at every price range from world-famous designers and newly-discovered talents. What’s next in your collection? Let your eyes and your heart decide. A bold cuff bracelet that becomes your signature piece? The rich effect of stacking rings? Spectacular earrings that make people ask "Where did you get those?" Silver jewelry has a special genius for unique texture and style. If you love it, make it yours.

Don’t forget the guys.  Men have discovered the understated elegance of silver jewelry, with its look of solid quality and refined polish. Sterling silver cuff links, neck chains and bracelets make great gifts for special occasions, while a sterling silver ring says something even more intimate, more meaningful.

The care and cleaning of silver.
Wear silver jewelry regularly to keep tarnish from building up. Once you do begin to see some darkening, use a special silver cleaning solution or a treated cleaning cloth to bring back the brightness (Sawyers has specific Silver clears for different kinds of silver pieces). Never use toothpaste to clean silver. It is far too abrasive and can permanently damage your jewelry. And remove silver jewelry if you are working with household cleaners that include bleach or ammonia, or if you are swimming in chlorinated water. Invest in tarnish-proof bags or pouches for individual pieces of silver jewelry. They not only help prevent tarnish but protect your jewelry from nicks and scratches.
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gold & silver

What is Gold?
Gold’s purity is measured in karats:

• 24 karat gold is 100% pure• 18 karat gold is 75% pure
• 14 karat gold has almost 60% gold content
• 10 karat gold has 42% content

Yellow gold is the most natural, warm and sensual color.
White gold is created by alloying pure gold with zinc, palladium and silver and requires rhodium plating after refinishing.
Rose Gold is created when Copper is combined with pure gold to make a pink or rose gold statement.

What is Silver anyway?
Silver is one of the noble metals, a short list that also includes gold and platinum. In its pure state, also called fine silver, it is soft and malleable. So scientists and silversmiths have developed alloys that make it stronger and more durable.Sterling silver is a mixture of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper.  While other metals can be used, copper has proven to be the best additive,  Adding the necessary strength without affecting the cool, elegant beauty of silver.