Memorial Jewelry

Properly pay tribute to a loved one that has passed on and is no longer with you in body but with you in spirit  by having one of our jewelers turn a loved ones wedding band into a beautiful heart pendant.  Below are samples of 2 different bands and how they can be shaped into hearts.  The band alone will tell the jeweler how it can be shaped and worked.  Truly a wonderful way to keep a part of your loved one with you always.

We start with the round wedding band and hammer it into a rough heart shape.  Then the magic begins when we begin to hand sculpt the band. The completed heart pendant from a loved ones wedding ring.

(below images of wedding bands made into hearts, Sawyers specialty service and 2 gents bands made into a pendant and engraved "In Loving Memory")

Remounting Jewelry

You’ve spent a lot for the jewelry you own, so it’s important to take care of your jewelry so that your money is well spent.

Many times, valuable family jewelry needs to be updated while maintaining the sentimental value of the original piece. For example, maybe you have an heirloom diamond ring that is badly worn and unsafe to hold that precious diamond. We can assist you with the selection or design of a new ring then remount the original stone into it.

The costs associated with any of the above-mentioned jewelry repair or custom services vary based on the item of jewelry, the time involved, and other factors. Bring in your jewelry today and one of our trained and helpful associates will be glad to help you determine what services your jewelry needs!

(below, images of remounting stones into a new custom pendant and loose stones collected on a beach are set into a sterling bracelet)

Custom Jewelry

Sawyer Jewelers of Fenton, Michigan is highly specialized in custom jewelry from the first sketch to the finished piece. Our custom design staff and specialized craftsmen will take your idea, using the latest CAD/CAM technology will create your one-of-a-kind unforgettable piece. Services Include: A new Piece ~ Matching a band to an existing engagement ring ~ Updating a style we already have to fit different diamond specifications ~ Duplication of an existing piece.