Interesting Facts About a Diamond's Clarity

"Diamonds are like snowflakes, there's no two alike!"    Chip  - Owner

  • Less than one percent of all diamonds ever found have no inclusions and can be called flawless.
  • inclusions are not flaws. They are nature's fingerprints. Like fingerprints, no two diamonds are exactly alike.
  • Birthmarks become a part of the diamond during the process of formation. Other minerals and sometimes other diamonds become birthmarks as the diamond solidifies.
  • There are at least six different clarity grades that cannot be distinguished by the naked eye.
  • Ten-power magnification and an experienced eye are required to tell the difference.
  • Most inclusions (birthmarks) have little or no effect on a diamond's brilliance or durability.
  • Diamonds occasionally have other gemstones, including garnet or peridot, trapped inside them.
  • An inclusion seen under ten-power magnification that is no larger than the point of a pin is enough to keep the diamond from being graded as flawless. Flawless diamonds are extremely rare.
  • In grading diamonds, the location of the birthmark is as important as its size and color.
  • A birthmark in the heart of the diamond will be easier to see than one close to the edge.

What you should know about Clarity

Clarity describes the clearness or purity of a diamond. This is determined by the number, size, nature, and location of the internal (inclusions) and external (blemishes) imperfections.

The clarity of  a diamond refers to inclusions which can be black, grey or white marks that internally flaw the diamonds structure. These small imperfections are graded under 10 x magnification which is the standard to grade diamond clarity. A diamond with fewer inclusions is both rarer and more desired which makes it also more expensive. Diamond clarity from IF to VS2 will sparkle with intensity whereas diamonds from SI1 to SI2 will sparkle and I1 to I3 will lack sparkle and life with the inclusions being noticeable to the naked eye. All conditions being constant, the less inclusions the greater the life and sparkle of a diamond and of course, the more one will pay. 

The clarity scale is broken down into the following grades:

Cut     Color      Clarity      Carat